Think about your favorite piece of public art. Why do you like it? How does it make you feel? 


There is something profound and wonderful about public art. It creates a conversation and a community. It connects the values and ideals of everyone who sees it into a single masterpiece. It portrays depth, inviting viewers to think and reflect. 


Here are my 3 favorite pieces of public art and the reasons they inspire me. 


Hopefully you too can draw inspiration from them. What do they evoke in you?


1. Park Güell. Barcelona, Spain. Artist: Antonio Gaudi

Park Guell Inspires Business with its attention to detail, reminding us of the power of the individual and team

Park Guell by Gaudi is popular for its fanatasy like curves which inspire innovation and outside the box thinking for entrepreneurs



It’s possible to create a reality out of your wildest fantasies.


With his fluid lines, bright colors, and mosaic patterns, Gaudi brought his own fantasy to life in Park Guell.


The mosaic tiles are a reminder that every piece of life contributes to the person you are. Never take a lesson, a gift, or any experience for granted.  Remember to learn from each happenstance. Lead from within by living out your values and your strongest ideals.


In your business, accept everyone’s input. Craft a personal brand out of your experiences, never forgetting how you’ve grown along the way.


The bright colors remind us to be vibrant. Light up the people and places around you with your authenticity. 


What excites you? Let people know. Chances are, they share a lot of your values and will be loyal to you if you can express their passions.


Passion and joy are contagious. 


The curved lines remind us that we can make our own rules. Architecture doesn’t need to be angular. It can be organic and fluid. Your life doesn’t need to be constrained by norms either. Allow inspiration to sculpt your life’s purpose and action. Allow what you stand for to guide your decisions.



2. Subway Signs. New York, U.S.A. Artist: TRUE



TRUE Karma Conditioned Car Don't Take Life too Seriously and practice the power of kindness


TRUE Riding with Despair Prohibited reminds us to focus on what matters and keep a positive approach to business





Public transit brings people together. So does humor.


According to Stefan Sagmeister’s TED talk, TRUE invited 25-30 people to go between subway cars to post these funny subway signs. 


This art reminds us not to take anything too seriously. Life is what you make of it. So, make light of it. 


Decide what you would be willing to die for. Those are your core values. Take them very seriously. Then, remember that everything else will come and go. Getting emotional about things you can’t control uses up too much precious energy. Instead, relish joy and share it publicly.


TRUE Life Instructions Entrepreneurs smile and be kind and positive even during difficult times Do not accept defeat



The best way to make friends, build trust, and get more customers is to laugh and smile. Keep your thoughts and messages positive and people will be drawn to you. 





3. Laughing Men. Vancouver, Canada. Artist: Yue Minjun. 


I used to see this piece regularly in my city. Everyone loves these laughing men for their good-spiritedness and their companionship.  


Laughter is the best remedy for many things in life. And this art makes me smile.  


The bronze coloring reminds us that we are all basically the same—we share the need to belong and find our purpose. We should learn to laugh together and support each other emotionally. Because companionship never goes out of style.


What can you do to laugh loudly today?

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