When you think of branding, what do you think of?

    A) “Something external my business doesn’t need right now.”
    B) “Maybe later, once I make it and can afford to throw some money at fluffy stuff.”
    C) “It’s so abstract, it confuses me!”
    D) A cow and a hot spoke.

Regardless of how you answered, if you’re in business for yourself or looking to advance your career, you will profit from understanding how to brand from within and it doesn’t have to cost you a dime.

So, let’s get down to business.

Is your business making the profits you expect? What has the return on your marketing investment been?

Maybe you’re sitting in your chair wondering what your next move could be—what the next step is to reaching your business dreams.

Well, branding can take you from $0 to $100,000.. That’s why when you are clear on your brand before you create your marketing, it’s a lot more effective.  It’s the secret weapon big businesses use to get their customers coming back…and back again. It’s like superglue, because it sticks in people’s minds

But, branding can be tricky. There are so many different angles to tackle your brand from. And it can seem so abstract at times! That’s because your brand is not just one thing – it’s everything and the foundation of it starts with who you are.

You might be thinking, “Of course I know who I am!” But, the irony of life is that the authenticity you’re born with can fade as you get distracted and influenced by other paths. If you think about all the messages you are bombarded with every day – family, media, and culture are just a few – it’s no wonder life can be confusing!

Your brand informs you:
–    how you show up,
–    what you say,
–    and why you do the things you do.

And that results in :
–    how you make people feel,
–    what kinds of clients you attract and how much you can charge,
–    and whether you’ll be able to not just endure, but ENJOY your business.

How well do you know your brand? Your brand is a framework for you to discover who you are and make the impact you were meant to make. It’s just as important as your business plan.

So, your brand can get you back on track. Because it’s a friendly guide for what you need to be doing and how you need to show up. 

Here are the 3 essentials of a great brand.Living Brand: 3 Parts

Part 1: Your Foundation—Who you are

Imagine what would be possible if you had unwavering conviction to who you are and what you stand for. That knowledge can help you attract your ideal clients and repel the rest.
–    You’d be successful and really enjoy your business.
–    You’d be memorable because you’d consistently show up as the best version of yourself.

Part 2: Build your Brand: Communicate Your Value

Do you believe that your life’s purpose is to share what you’ve been blessed with? If so, your most rewarding challenge is to connect the dots between your life experiences, talents, and passions to create something of the greatest value for your clients.

Build your brand based on that and you’ll stand out above 99% of your competition!

Building a brand strategy will give you
1) a position in the marketplace that makes you stand out (the way you deserve to stand out!) 
2) a brand message that supports your unique positioning
3) a brand image – the look and feel that makes people want to associate with you
4) a captivating brand story that makes people stop and listen.

The reality is that skill and passion aren’t enough for success. You need to effectively communicate your offer visually and verbally so people instantly understand what you do and why they need to hire you instead of the competition.

The branding process is an inside-out process that discovers that sweet spot.

Part 3: Reach out in all the Right Ways

Have you ever loved marketing before?

Branding is a complete waste if your message doesn’t get seen by your chosen audience.

The best way to get noticed is to have a marketing plan that fuels you: A plan that you’ll definitely implement, because it focuses on activities that will make you love your marketing.

When your business is an offshoot of the best version of you, you’ll fall in love with telling people about it and naturally magnetize others with your presence.

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