At the end of the day, we want a dream because we think it will make us feel a certain way.

Accomplishments, goals, money, it’s so we can feel fulfilled, pampered, important, loved. What if I told you that if you can “feel” and experience your dream like it was real, not only would it move you into action but the mere experience, the feeling would pull it in?

Dreams don’t happen because they simply feel like just that – a far away dream.

I’m going to explain how to write a dream statement one that doesn’t fizzle out because it inspires you to be committed fully to making your dream happen.

Writing this dream statement includes your mission, vision, and purpose and vividly clarifies the ideal life that will make you happy.

Watch the video now.

Then, don’t leave this page until you download the pdf guide below.

Your time is wasted unless you APPLY what you’ve just learned. So take some time to write your dream statement. Make this your journaling project for the week and I promise you’ll see results. Then read it daily and keep the promises you make to yourself in the worksheet – I guarantee big changes if you do this one thing.

Please let me know what you discover, what became more clear, and any questions you might have in the comments below.