The difference between those who make and those who don’t is contained in a single idea: Perseverance.

How can you get it and what’s the difference between people who have it and people who don’t?

I always thought if I just worked really hard, I’d succeed. Sometimes this works, but it doesn’t come without costs — to our health and our relationships.  We burnout. We loose our vitality.

Cycling legend Greg LeMond only coaches champions. When asked why, he said it was because they enjoy the process. Champions have a personal branding strategy of perseverance. And perseverance comes from enjoying the process. 

Nathan Gafuik is also a great example of the mindset of champions. At the 2012 Summer games, he battled through all odds to be the only one representing Canada in the men’s artistic gymnastics competition. Despite being diagnosed with Addison’s (a rare autoimmune syndrome that releases hormones when someone is stressed) at 15, Nathan chose to continue a career in gymnastics and pursue multiple Olympic games.  

His defines his personal branding strategy with perseverance:

“[Addison’s] has put some challenges in my life that I definitely didn’t need to deal with, but at the same time, it’s these types of things that really shape who you are,” said Gafuik. 

How can you achieve perseverance in the face of struggle and obstacles?

Make managing your energy the #1 priority.  

If you focus on struggle and downfall, you’ll very likely fail.  But positive focus on your intentions produces the best outcomes. Athletes know this. That is why the mental game is more important than the physical.


Here are three tips for managing your energy:

1) Find awareness.  It’s almost impossible to manage your energy if you’re not aware of what you’re thinking and feeling. 

•Analyze your thoughts from outside yourself. Start to recognize your personal thoughts by separating yourself from your inner self and be rational about what you notice yourself thinking. 

•Especially notice thoughts that are distracting you from the core values list that defines you. Noticing the things that detract from your goals is the first step to perseverance. 

2) Understand how to feel good. If I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, I know I probably won’t do good work… unless I get myself out of my bad mood. Then I usually go for a run or do yoga. You can go for a walk, read affirmations, talk yourself out of it: find what works for you to snap out of it. 

•The foundation of feeling good is building up your self-esteem. The best way to develop lasting self-esteem is by being accountable to yourself with a mental core values list that keeps your personal integrity. The more integrity you have in your life, the more you trust yourself and the better you feel.  

•Always mean and keep the promises you make to yourself.  The worst hits to my self-esteem were not the promises I broke to others, but the ones I didn’t keep to myself. Just like the best business brands make and keep promises to their customers, your self-esteem will come from the personal promises you keep. That’s what makes branding personal.

3) Commit to a way of being. You don’t need a world-changing vision to inspire perseverance. It can simply be about choosing to live your core values list and making people feel your personal integrity.  

A famous quote says, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you’ve said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

People always remember how you make them feel more than anything else.

If you value kindness, then your reason for being reliable and consistent with other people isn’t dictated by external circumstances. Your drive comes from inside you—your Brand from Within. That’s just what perseverance is made of: consistently knowing who you are and what you’re working for and striving towards it with the right energy and best intentions. 

Create your personal branding strategy to manage your energy and before you know it, you’ll reach your destination.

Let us help get you on track. Check out our Brand from Within programs to discover your self-esteem and values drivers. 

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