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Explaining the Intangible

The outcomes of the branding process are words and pictures that help your audience understand what, why, and how you do, what you do.

Winston was tired of having to explain what exactly he does. His process of concept modeling was new and people often got it confused with an idea generation or not get it at all.

Can you relate? Do you fall into the trap of trying to explain what you do? if you deal in the conceptual, you might be able to relate to Winston’s struggle. If what you do is really smart and abstract like Winston’s is, you know how frustrating it is.

If you deal in the conceptual and abstract, you might be able to relate to Winston’s struggle. I know I do. Branding is that.

Even if what you do isn’t so hard to understand, here’s the big secret. Your customer doesn’t care about it.  You lose people when you talk about

In face, you do yourself a disservice and lose people in the process.

Instead, stop explaining, and start talking about the outcomes and the struggle.

Enter the conversation you ideal customer is having, and start conversing with them.

If your strength area is doing the work, then that should be your core marketing strategy. That means giving them a flavor of your the before and after of the transformation you provide and not how.

We did case studies and videos explaining abstract in a way people could understand, through examples. Check out the videos below.