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Leverage the Brand you’ve Built Across Industry

When you build your brand from within, you have the ability to cross sell into other industries seamlessly. Because what you’re about is beyond what you sell.
It’s about who you are – your values.

Denise Austin has been a fitness icon for over 20 years with her enthusiasm and positivity. And she’s still going – inspiring people to achieve great health and happiness.

Denise started to leverage her popularity in the home furniture market with her own line of furniture that she attached her name to.

Denise came to BFW because Denise was lagging in sales. When we looked at her website and message, there was no connection to the personality of Denise, not visually or in her message. It lacked her soul.

We revamped the her website to send a bigger message beyond just selling furniture and connected her health brand to Denise Austin Home. Your environment also affects your health and happiness and we created messaging based on it. We redid her logo, website, and social media outreach to incorporate her brand personality, voice, and values.

Brand messages based on values are relevant and timeless. They give you that edge from selling something purely based on your products features and benefits.

People support Denise because fo the inspiring message and who she is and her fans buy what she attaches her name to authentically. Every brand can have that, you don’t need to be famous, you just need to do it right with a cohesive brand on every level. A company can have the same kind of personal feeling – that’s what people want to support. At the end of the day, people buy people (or an entity) and what they believe in, not products.

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