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Can a Brand Story Launch a Business?

Branding creates meaning beyond what you are selling. The experience your product provides is how you attract your most loyal customers and premium priced products.

Often the challenge is creating a marketing experience that makes people say, “yes, that is me, and I want that product because what it stands for.”

For Greta, her designs were always about selling the experience of her clothing. She wanted to take that to a bigger level through producing small batches of signature mood pieces that represented feelings desired from a woman.

Lovina is a vintage upcycled clothing line where sustainable design and fashion meets a soul experience that unearths the woman that lives at our core.

The strategy was to create the brand story in video and promote it on Kickstarter to raise the money she needed launch her business. She’d gain visibility about the heart of what her clothing line represented.

IIt’s never too early to figure out your brand. Greta attracted her best customer through word of mouth – the best kind of marketing.  We kicked off her venture with the right message, a heartfelt story, and testimonials from her customers. And that made all the difference.

The goal for the brand story video was to communicate the experience that the clothing gives women that wear the Lovina clothing line through story and images.

It’s not easy to do a video about something that is something that is so personal to you and ask for support. We worked on bringing out Greta’s voice and archetype – the caretaker to produce the fundraising video. The hardest part was getting Greta to do the big ask at the end, check out how she did!