• Identity/Brand Architecture
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Recruiting Video

Infrastructure Academy: Making it Real

How do you create a cohesive brand when you have two separate audiences that have different communication needs?

This is the challenge for IA and many other nonprofits who need to create materials for engagement with the audience they serve and well as their donor audience.

We created two names/brands, with a similar look and feel to connect the two brands. Careers in the utilities was a new concept to many youth so we wanted to build a brand with a certain “cool” factor and be inspiring for youth to e control of their future and change their destiny.

From logo development to their marketing collaterals and recruiting video, we created a brand that gave careers in the utilities a certain  “cool” factor as well as inspiring for youth to take charge of their future.

The result? A brand that the youth wanted to be associated with and commitment to a rigorous after school program. And we create a brand that donors would want to give money to – an innovation social enterprise solving two significant problems – employment needs in the utilities and the high school drop out rate. We launched the social enterprise and enrolled the first class of youth into generation power.