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Rise and Tell: From Our Story to Yours

Once you build the brand, then it must extend to every part of the company. How the brand is applied is different depending on each department. Your voice to the public and how you operate with each other is what your brand gives clarity to.

When Mailigen came to us to help them launch their new brand, they knew that a brand was much more than a redesign.
Outside of new visuals, it must be able to express itself the meaning of their brand to their audience.

The core values were created from the employees up, creating the foundation of the brand. We turned those values into strategies that would make them stand out in their industry. We used their aspirations and strengths to create a value proposition that was inspiring and authentic to who they were as an organization.

Often, creating new visuals – the external facing brand identity is the easy part. The challenging part is giving new meaning and voice for the authenticity of the new brand to shine through.  Integrity is crucial when it comes to your brand. Without it, it’s a sure way to ruin your reputation

For global companies interacting with people from different cultures and needs, having a voice and communications guideline shows employees how to live the brand. We worked with Mailigen to build a consistent voice -one that represented the essence of their brand values and culture.

That’s how we launched the new Mailigen Brand to the world – by giving their new visual brand identity the internal substance that gave their employees and customers something to be excited to be part of.