• Identity/Naming
  • Strategic Planning
  • Brand Development
  • Fundraising/Marketing Collaterals
  • Program Development

Fragmented Programs and Services Unified through a New Brand Vision

What do you when people have a hard time understanding exactly what you do?

That’s when the directors came to us to figure out how to communicate the depth and breadth of what their organization had evolved into.

You’re brand is what people say when you’re not in the room. If people can’t explain what you do, then how do you expect them to spread the world about you.

This nonprofit had grown from local to global and needed a new brand to reflect the organization that had evolved into and their vision.

A company’s brand can serve as a tool that reminds you about the roots of the organization and inspire you towards a vision. Clarity on a brand’s values, vision, and voice can serve as a guide for strategy and marketing communications to reach the vision you aspire to. That’s what we provided for this nonprofit who had a vision and all the programming to create a better world through their educational programs and environmental initiatives.

We were able to connect is all their programs together under a cohesive brand and that told a beautiful story and strategy for restoring the planet and people to the way nature intended us to live. For A Better World, we captured that essence with their new brand and gave them something that they were excited to share.