Whether you think branding is fluff or only meant for the big guys, you want a world class image that reflects the values and internal growth of your organization.

And you know that you’re best ROI has always been on your people – that’s why your brand is for your people.

What is Internal  vs. External Branding

Whatever the reason for spending money on a brand, before you spend resources what most people think of as branding i.e. the graphics and media, your best investment will be on living your brand from the inside-out.

This means your company culture. Your people are your greatest investment. Your brand is the truest part of your organization, and the part people remember. For example:

  • What happens when what you say in your branding isn’t consistent with the experience that your customer service or sales gives your customer?
  • Or when the voice of your marketing isn’t consistent with your brand and leaves your customer confused.

What happens is distrust and confusion, and that means your customer says no to doing business your company.

But, what if:

  •   Your business helped your employees live a more values-centered life and think differently?
  •   Or your people were the greatest testimony to your brand and you created customer loyalty through the most important touchpoint?

If you are want to grow your revenue and customer base in a more lasting way or are experiencing performance issues with your marketing, customer service or sales, a branding initiative can work to inspire your employees on a deep level AND achieve all the image building goals it’s meant to accomplish.

What Inspired Brands Accomplish for People

Inspired brands bring awareness to trends in thinking, cultural shifts in how we want to live and what will inspire us now. Inspired brands can make the world a better place through bringing awareness to values. (see the evolution advertising values here.)

What is Branding Really?

Branding is a feeling or emotion we want people to associate with. And that emotion needs to start with the employees for your external branding and marketing initiatives to have any legs to survive on.

At Brand From Within, we don’t do the external branding without doing the internal work as well. It just wouldn’t be part of who we are.

Our process  combines self-development for the entrepreneur/leadership team, brand strategy, and culture building for organizations to create one cohesive message and shared purpose that ties your business together.

Depending on whether you are a small business or entrepreneur, we have customized programs to fit your needs.

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