Case Studies

More Meaning, Profit, and Impact
Eva was our advisor, passionate supporter, and marketing consultant all in one. Our brand is so exciting to us and our customers! Her team was able to bring everything together – strategically and creatively – way beyond our expectations.
Laura L. Gaines

President of Soul Veg

Having spent much time with my board to clarify our strategy and messaging, Eva was able to articulate our values, mission, and vision in a way that really differentiates us with to our funders. I believe it was Eva’s compassion about our cause enabled her to visually represent our organization better that we could have ever been able to do. She truly captured the essence of what our organisation does in a new identity, brochure, and website. They are extremely creative and hard-working and I can’t recommend them enough!

Jill Gurr

Executive Director of Create Now

New Leaf Creative Strategies gave us exactly what we needed to launch our non-profit – from their branding expertise that addressed our complex communication needs, to the innovative way they utilized multimedia and social media to address our recruiting needs. This was the best thing we could have done to efficiently reach our target audience! Our branding efforts with New Leaf have saved us time and money.

Marcus Castain

CEO of Infrastructure Academy

People now understand the full extent of what we do. It’s amazing what has happened since we’ve worked with them. When people see our new donor package, they just ask what they can do to help us and our entire organization is inspired with our new identity and strategic plan. We now have an abundance of promising fundraising and social venture opportunities.

Moriel McClerklin

Executive Director of A Better World

I struggled with people understanding what I do and she brought clarity to my message and brought my brand to life. Eva understands the process of capturing what you need, defining the strategy, executing on deliverables and getting results. She is a forward thinker with excellent knowledge of branding and marketing. She is dedicated, smart, hard working for her clients and maintains the highest integrity. Great to work with her. I highly recommend her services.

Winston Perez

Founder & CEO of Concept Modeling

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