Scope of Services

•    Brand Integration

•    Core Messaging

•    PR Strategy

•    Retail Placement

•    Website

•    Sales & Marketing

Growing global: Branding to Sales Integration

Like most industries, businesses need to deal with competition. Low cost providers and copycat products can devastate a business.

When you have a premium product that commands a premium price, what do you do?

Establishing Advaita’s brand positioning in the right market was key to having a successful launch in the U.S.  A generic approach to entering the market (what everyone else is doing), is a sure way to fight upstream and get pressured to lower your pricing and devaluing your product. Advaita knew they needed a different approach and reach the people that would value their products unique features.

Understanding the philosophy and tradition behind their products, we combined the ancient wisdom behind their product with a modern design esthetic. Through our research, we knew the values would appeal to the eco-conscious consumer – a market that would gladly pay the premium pricing. We created a luxury brand with as much elegance and richness on the exterior as the interior.

  • Secured product placement in spas, yoga studios, high end eco-stores to reach the high end conscious consumer market.
  • Created an integrated campaign from advertising to education videos combing ancient tradition with a modern flair and good design aesthetics.